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Legitimate Broker is a guide to the best licensed binary options websites on the Internet. This site's main focus is brokerage sites which accept U.S. traders. A handful of the brokers we discuss do not accept American investments, so European investors should find information valuable to them. Whatever their nationality, useful Information is what prospective traders need. What we provide should translate to all parts of the globe. The USA is such a driver of economic forces in the world, anyone playing the markets needs to educate themselves on the subject of American finance. With that in mind, let's take a look at online binary options trading from a US perspective.

How Online U.S. Binary Options Work

Online binary options trading was not legalized in the United States until 2008, though the offline market originated in the USA. Even now, the US government maintains an ambivalent attitude towards binary options trading on the Internet. Regulation is handled by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Some online brokerages accept U.S. traders, while others do not. Though the leading economic power on the planet is not always friendly, binary options is a multi-billion dollar industry. Since 2008, the online binary options trade has become a true 21st century market: global, electronic, and fast paced.

Like other online industries, those wanting to learn about the trade of binary options can find massive amounts of information online. Most of that information is mass-produced and not very good. Much of this material is market based, produced by affiliate marketers who are trying to sell a product. This website seeks an objective approach. When discussing the US facing brands or the European brokerages, expect objective analysis. Finding unbiased opinion is only half the problem, though.

Part of the problem with binary options is it involves technical jargon, complicated math, and the use of charts. The people who know such things often aren’t the best at explaining them to others. Even the well-meaning websites sound arcane to the novice trader. You've probably read a few of those sites by now. The owners of this site want to provide solid information in language people can understand. We'll link to good resources which explain the more complicated concepts. Legitimate Broker seeks to become a trusted directory for finding useful binary options resources.

What Legitimate Broker Does

A certain part of Legitimate Broker covers the basics of binary options. It also attempts to point out the value of the web brokerages you use. The news might be good or bad from your perspective. We want to be like the friend who tells you the hard truths—not just the happy lies you want to hear. If you expect to hear that binary options is easy and anyone can do it, then you’re in for a surprise. Anybody can learn this business, but to do so, you have to be dedicated to the hard work of statistical analysis.

Legitimate Broker gives analysis of both opportunities and dangers. Seizing an opportunity requires a certain amount of risk-taking, but there are smart ways to take risks. We feel it’s in our best interest to provide useful information which helps our readers prosper. Informed investors are successful investors. They continue to trade, month-after-month and year-after-year. That's good for the industry--and good for this site.

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